CBS Sports "Golf Boys Spinoff is Pretty Great"

The Dick's Sporting Goods Open is taking place this week in Endicott, NY. The tournament is a Champions Tour event and to celebrate its beginning some interns working the event decided to do their own Golf Boys video that appears to be pretty similar to the one Hunter Mahan, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, and Ben Crane did earlier this year.

I love so many things about this video but the main one is that you can tell they just shot the entire thing on somebody's iPhone. I also love that it's pretty much a straight rip of the original. They threw in at shout to Dick's at the end but other than that they just studied how Fowler and Co. did theirs and copied (no shame in that by the way -- it probably still took a ton of time).

On a day when the PGA Tour took away some of the fun of golf (caddie races) it's good to see some people who want to try and keep the fun around.